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Patient Information

Orthodontic is straightening of teeth and harmonising of the relationship between the bones,
teeth and soft tissues of ther face.

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  • InvisalignInvisalign
  • Inspire Ice (ormco) bracketsInspire Ice (ormco) brackets
  • Damon systemDamon system
Types of orthodontic treatment

We provide all types of Orthodontic treatment. For Adults and Children these include: Removable Appliances, Fixed Silver & multi-coloured braces, Clear Fixed braces, Lingual braces (on the inside of the tooth), Invisalign.

Your first visit would be an assessment appointment during which we briefly discuss your possible treatment,its benefits and look at orthodontic appliance types. 

If you wish to continue, the next visit would be an appointment to take diagnostic records including X Rays , impressions ( moulds of the teeth) photographs and some measurements . From this information we would formulate your personal treatment plan for discussion at a follow- up appointment.

Once you are comfortable with the treatment plan we can schedule a start time for orthodontic appliances to be fitted.

Orthodontic appliances

Treatment can be performed with different appliances known as “BRACES”. They fall into three groups.

Removable appliance

Removable appliances rely on wires and springs attached to plastics which fit into the roof of the mouth. Their application is restricted to cases which do not require complex movement of teeth. Modern removable appliances include for instance the nearly invisible Invisalign.

Fixed appliance

Known as “Train Track” braces. These have a combination brackets, bands and flexible wires which are stuck to individual teeth. It is not possible for patients to remove the appliance.

Functional appliance

Functional Appliances are designed to modify the way the jaw grows. They rely on the muscle forces to achieve this and can help in certain types of problems.


When active treatment is completed, it is necessary to hold the teeth in position to allow them to settle for a period of time. These appliances are called Retainers. Retainers can be fixed or removable depending on the original problem.

Other dental services

Our treatment plans cater for a wide range of budgets with NHS Treatment, Independant Treatment and Private Treatment plans available. Our specialist services include; tooth whitening.

A smile for life

While Orthodontics is elective treatment and is usually not essential, the self-confidence that is generated by having a smile and with good-looking straight teeth can have an important effect on one’s life.

Private Treatment

We provide private orthodontic treatment to patients of all ages. As a private patient you will receive the best possible treatment, using the latest treatment techniques.

Benefits of private treatment:
  • Highest quality treatment carried out in a modern, friendly environment
  • Immediate treatment with no waiting lists
  • Flexible appointment times
  • Private patients benefit from a wider range of treatments and more modern technology, enabling us to achieve results that were not possible a few years ago

In the event of an out-of-hours dental emergency where a patient is in pain, advise can be obtained by calling the NHS Direct number –  111.

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We have been going to Orthoplus for over three years and have always been very happy with the treatment that our children have received. The staff are kind and caring as well as extremely knowledgeable and the children have benefitted greatly from their help and professional service.

— Rachel
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