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Adult Orthodontics

It’s never too late to have orthodontic treatment and create a great smile!

Why consider straightening your teeth as an adult?

You may have missed out on treatment as a child or your teeth may have moved back over the years, either way it’s possible to straighten teeth at any age in most cases.

  • Orthodontic treatment can straighten crowded or misaligned teeth and help boost self-esteem and create a beautiful smile at any age.
  • Straighter teeth can make it easier to help keep the teeth and gums clean and so reduce the risk of decay and gum disease.
  • Orthodontic treatment can create a better bite and help maintain your natural teeth for longer and help prevent further wear of your teeth.
Why consider straightening your teeth as an adult?
Private Treatment

Private Treatment

For adults we offer private or independent treatment plans. Patients opting for private treatment can benefit from an extensive range treatment modalities and appliance types.

This includes the latest technology and low visibility aesthetic braces such asInvislalign clear aligners, Damon clear fixed braces and Lingual braces which are fixed to the inside of the teeth.

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Independent Treatment

Independent treatment reflects a level of service equal to NHS orthodontic treatment and is open to adults as well as children. This is reflected in the fees.

Conventional metal fixed braces are used, which means you have less choice in the type of brace you have, however will not compromise on treatment outcome and you can expect the same great results.

Independent Treatment

Please see this informative leaflet from the British Orthodontic Society that is available as a QR code to download to your smart phone.

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