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Damon / Low Friction Braces

Metal Or Tooth Coloured

These will be attached to the front of your teeth and are a very discrete option. These are extremely popular with adult and teen orthodontic patients. Damon braces do not use bands to hold the archwire in place and so avoid the issue of the band staining. They are a low friction system that can be used to align the teeth in a more efficient way.

What are the benefits of Damon Braces?

  • Fewer orthodontist appointments for adjustments
  • A more comfortable brace due to the tie-less system with means less friction
  • Easier cleaning and better hygiene as there are no elastics
  • More confidence with a more discreet braces design
Damon Fixed Braces

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Empower Braces

Empower Braces

Empower Braces are innovative, self-ligating braces, which means that their archwire is allowed to move within the bracket, causing teeth to shift faster. This self-ligation technique also uses a lighter archwire, which leads to less friction. As a result, wearing this type of braces is more comfortable than wearing traditional fixed braces.

Choosing Empower Braces means other benefits too, including a smaller bracket size which makes them easier to clean and no need for elastics.

For more information see:

Please see this informative leaflet from the British Orthodontic Society that is available as a QR code to download to your smart phone.

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