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We provide all types of Orthodontic treatment for adults and children on a private bases including Removable Appliances, Fixed silver and multi-coloured braces, Clear Fixed braces, Lingual braces (on the inside of the tooth) and Invisalign clear aligners.

Whichever type of treatment you are having, you will follow the same journey to achieve a wonderful new smile, see below:

Initial Consultation 1 Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Your first visit would be an assessment appointment during which we briefly discuss your orthodontic needs, possible treatment and its benefits and look at orthodontic appliance types.

Digital scan 2 Digital Scanning

Digital Scanning

If you wish to continue, the next visit would be an appointment to take diagnostic records which might includex-rays, photographs and digital scanning of your teeth and mouth, Using our state-of-the-art digital scanner, we will scan your teeth and bite which replaces the need for those messy dental impressions. It is much quicker, easier and more comfortable.

From this information we would formulate your personal treatment plan.

Fit aligners 3 Fitting of Appliance

Fitting of Appliance

Once you are comfortable with the treatment plan we schedule an appointment for your orthodontic appliances to be fitted.

During Treatment 4 During Treatment

During Treatment

You will come in for check-up appointments during your treatment to either replace your aligners if you are having Invsailgn, or to adjust your fixed brace, depending on your treatment plan.

Completing Treatment 5 Completing Treatment

Completing Treatment

Once you have completed your orthodontic treatment and have achieved that beautiful new smile, it’s very important to ensure that the teeth don’t move back following treatment. This is achieved by wearing custom-made retainers which your orthodontist will explain when and how often to wear.

Please see this informative leaflet from the British Orthodontic Society that is available as a QR code to download to your smart phone.

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