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Invisalign Express

  • Invisalign® Express is a convenient solution specifically designed for minor tooth movement
  • Perfect option for adults or teens who require only minor tooth correction, such us minor crowding, spacing or orthodontic relapse
  • Provides up to 7 aligners for both top and bottom teeth with the option to have more aligners if the teeth require further movement
  • Shorter treatment time
  • The braces are virtually invisible and removable
  • Uses the same clear aligners and advanced technology as Invisalign® Comprehensive treatment
invisalign express
Invisalign Express – Same Technology

Invisalign Express – Same Technology

  • Includes a Clin Check® treatment plan and Smart Force® features, such as Optimised Attachments and Power Ridge features, which give for more predictable results
  • Option to switch to Invisalign® Lite, Comprehensive or Teen prior to Clin Check® acceptance
  • An *Automated Refinement of aligners can be purchased, if required, to achieve the final position defined in the original approved ClinCheck® treatment plan*.

*Automated Refinement gives you the option to order additional aligners to move teeth closer to the originally approved final position. Aligners for Automated Refinements are automatically produced and shipped without the need for the approval of a Clin Check® treatment plan.